About Us

Jozef Verhoeven Metal recycling is a well-known name in the metal trade. Our family business has developed strongly over the last 50 years and specializes in separating, cutting and sorting all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We are proud of this and that makes Jozef Verhoeven Metal Recycling your reliable partner in the disposal, processing and collection of (almost) all metal waste.

Both large and small companies as well as individuals (with small quantities) can come to us,

By self-delivery or by placing containers by us.

Through direct and personal contact you will receive expert environmental and collection advice.

Our entire storage location and halls meet the highest environmental requirements with liquid-tight floors and combined sludge / oil and gasoline separators.

We would like to help with Corporate Social Responsibility, this also means Corporate Social Responsibility Recycle.

Scrap and metal waste are valuable secondary raw materials, but only if they are sorted, classified and pre-processed in the correct manner.

We have to be careful with our raw materials in this world, which is why cradle to cradle is our top priority.