We know how to convert all kinds of metal and other materials into reusable semi-finished products. Unusable residues are processed and / or disposed of in accordance with the applicable environmental rules
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Iron (Ferro)

Iron is used in numerous applications in private and industrial environments. The application varies from a lemonade can to a supertanker of 300.000 tons. Fifty percent of current iron production is obtained through recycling.

All types of iron are suitable for recycling.


Non-ferrous metal comprises various types of material and has a large number of applications in all industries.

The (residual) value of non-ferrous metal is generally higher than that of iron

Cable remains

Cables are widely used in the energy and infrastructure industry. Various types of cable are released through maintenance, replacement and / or demolition work. Partly because of the copper or aluminum conductors, cable residues form a valuable waste type that is very suitable for recycling.






stainless steel




Fees for delivered metals are handled correctly by Jozef Verhoeven Metal Recycling. All materials are weighed per type on our calibrated 70-ton weighbridge or calibrated 3-ton scales. All incoming materials are also checked for radioactivity and contamination. You can count on us for the highest possible residual value reimbursement. Payment is made quickly and correctly in cash or by bank. This is entirely up to you as the customer.