Metal recycling

We have a large number of facilities for processing metal.

Whether you are looking for a partner for the processing of the purest metals in large and small quantities, or metals with foreign parts. With us you are at the right place, we are looking for a suitable solution for every material.

Metals supplied are first sorted by type and quality, after which everything is processed on a commercial basis. Depending on the material, this is done manually or mechanically. All products are processed into a usable raw material for various foundries and for export.

Because we carry out this process in a responsible and environmentally manner, our company meets the strictest quality and environmental requirements. We naturally have all permits for the collection, storage and processing of ferrous (iron), non-ferrous materials (aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, stainless steel, lead, etc.), cable and batteries.

We are also registered with OVAM as a transporter, collector, waste trader and metal waste broker.

We are also certified and authorized A | U | F collector for aluminum scrap.


We have our own fleet of vehicles and container service to collect and dispose of metal waste.

Various models of container bins with a capacity of 5 to 50 m³ are placed and exchanged or collected by us free of charge.

We place container bins so that you can fill them at your own pace.

The container is full, one phone call and it is exchanged or picked up.

We also have various types of forklift bins made of steel and plastic.

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Demolition Works and dismantling

In recent years, the demolition industry has undergone a change in image, partly due to the increasingly strict laws and regulations and professionalization. Selective demolition is nowadays a specialized process, in which the separation of all materials coming from the waste is already done at source.

We control this process down to the smallest details. Your demolition work, no matter how big or small, is in safe hands with us. In close cooperation between man and machine, your demolition project will proceed with minimal inconvenience and maximum results. We have an eye for the environment and for the employees themselves. Correct execution of the work is guaranteed by good work preparation and thorough control during the work

We work closely with asbestos and V.C.A. certified companies and can handle any job, of course with well-trained and experienced staff. Our team has built up a great deal of expertise over the years and has the most advanced equipment.

Environmental quality and safety are just as obvious to us as fulfilling the agreements.

Also the dismantling of no more used machines, business units or complete factory halls is in good hands with us and we can arrange and handle it for you from A to Z.